Empower Careers Pathways

Trinity Academy Leeds is excited to launch Empower Careers Pathways; embodying our mantra to ‘Reach Higher, See Further, Shine Brighter’. At TAL, starting in the first term of Year 7, students are supported to develop the knowledge, skills and expertise to refine and work towards their aspirations. A key vehicle for this is our timetabled Empower Careers Afternoons, taking place over the course of the academic year. With careers and valuable life experiences at the forefront, every student in the academy will visit a local destination to learn the secrets behind our city and to hear from and interact with industry professionals through exciting and enriching opportunities.

All of our Empower Afternoon experiences are designed to be interactive, forward-thinking, informative and engaging, with students placed front and centre at all times. Through Empower Careers Pathways, students will challenge stereotypes through exposure to diverse and challenging opportunities. They will also develop their reflective skills in order to help them to plan for their future, while gaining an understanding of the world of work and what actions are needed to achieve their goals. Strong partnerships have been formed with local employers, businesses and careers service providers to drive Trinity Academy Leeds to provide a robust, innovative and comprehensive careers programme through Empower Careers Pathways.

Trinity Academy Leeds is offering experiences that include;  

Leeds Heritage Theatres: At The Grand Theatre, students will engage with a skills-based workshop on the theme of ‘Pantomime’ in-line with the current production at the Leeds City Varieties. Students will then be taken on a tour of the front of house of Leeds City Varieties, learn about the history of the building and the theatre industry and speak with the education team and industry professionals about the teamwork required to bring a performance to life on the stage.

Network Rail, Leeds Train Station: Students will learn how the hub of Leeds really works, an all-access tour going behind the scenes and meeting of the staff who make the work of Leeds Train Station instrumental to the running of the city; from the engineers to the maintenance team, from front-of-house staff to the British Transport Police. Highlights include a tour of a Virgin AZUMA (including the driver’s cab) and a ride on a Northern Rail train to Burley Park. Students will also have the opportunity to explore beneath the current Leeds Train Station and see the original Victorian station, which is now underground and has never been accessed by the public before!

Tropical World: A tour of Leeds’ very own zoo, tying in with our Year 7 Geography topic on ecosystems and sustainability. Students will experience the best Leeds has to offer in terms of diverse wildlife, followed by a walk through the spectacular Roundhay Park to the Mansion House, where they will learn about careers in ecology, conservation and sustainability. Students will also have plenty of opportunities to ask questions about the wonderful species of animals they will see.

Leeds Museums and Galleries: A local, national and international trip as students become Art Detectives in Leeds Art Gallery, uncovering the history and meanings behind different paintings. Students will delve deeper into local art through a guided workshop at the Henry Moore Institute, then will go to Leeds City Museum to learn about the History of our city. Students will be encouraged to reflect on the work that goes into creating exhibitions, but also the history of art and the history of employment in Leeds as they move through the workshops and exhibitions.

Maths City, Galliford Try and Leeds LEP: Students will visit Leeds’ newest and most exciting educational attraction; Maths City. Here they will have the opportunity to engage with the multiple exciting attractions on offer then work as a team on an engineering challenge to build a giant dome. Students will need to employ teamwork, strategy and maths skills. Students will then experience board life in a conference room courtesy of Leeds Business Improvement District where they will learn about project management and engineering with Galliford Try and Leeds LEP, followed by an engineering challenge. The real-life applications of maths for the world of work will come alive!

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