Strong Foundations Mentoring Programme

The World is a different place to the one it was before the COVID Pandemic with an increased number of children returning to school with anxiety and well-being concerns. At Trinity Academy Leeds, we recognise that students need an opportunity to talk about their well-being with an expertly trained and trusted adult. Research by the NHS clearly indicates that concerns around student well-being and mental health have far reaching and long-lasting implications for student development. At Trinity Academy Leeds, student well-being is a priority. It is essential we raise the awareness of the importance of well-being and give students the resources to support them with their own mental health.

We seek to identify students who need support early so they can receive timely support. Our Strong Foundations Mentoring Programme gives students a safe space to explore their emotions with a dedicated team of pastoral experts. Our trauma informed and mindfulness approach seeks to understand the issues students face. We know that mindfulness can have a profound impact on a student’s overall well-being, which in turn can support better relationships, reduced emotional concerns and even an improvement in memory and focus inside the classroom. Each week, students meet with their mentor for a 1.1 session. Within these sessions, students are given an opportunity to discuss any concerns and are given strategies to support them with their well-being. Mentors work closely with the Safeguarding Team to ensure that further concerns are referred to external support agencies in a timely fashion.

Strong Foundations in association with Active Leeds

Trinity Academy Leeds has partnered with colleagues from Active Leeds and the This Girl Can campaign to offer their expertise in mentoring young people in KS3. Active Leeds run 1.1 and group sessions through our Strong Foundations Programme each week during Team Time. The programme offers targeted support to students in a classroom environment, before working with our PE department to support students in a sporting context.

The mentors work with members of the Re-Build Team to discuss student conduct in school and offer them a range of strategies to help them develop resilience when faced with the challenges they face. The students involved in the programme are benefiting greatly from the mentoring and look forward to showing off their hard work each time they meet!


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