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Trinity Academy Leeds is a fully inclusive and non-selective academy, welcoming pupils of all prior attainment, all faiths, no faith and from all backgrounds who live locally. This reflects the Trust’s commitment to inclusiveness, serving the local community and providing a rich, inspiring and respectful education for all in a nurturing environment.

Our current secondary academies Trinity Academy Halifax, Trinity Academy Grammar, Trinity Academy Cathedral, Trinity Academy Bradford, and Trinity Academy St Edward’s have very similar admissions and the cohorts attending are very diverse and inclusive. This is the same at Trinity Academy Leeds.

Apply for a Year 7 place

All secondary school applications for Year 7 must be submitted to the local authority. We have added a step-by-step guide and video below to help you through the application process on the website. 


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The application deadline for all secondary school Year 7 places was 31st October 2023. Contact us if you have missed this or wish to discuss your application.

Set up an account on the website.

You are required to set up your account before making your application choices. Keep your login information safe for the future as you will need this to find out what school your child has been allocated to.

Choose 5 secondary schools and order them from your first choice to your last.

We recommend putting 5 schools on the form as this will give you a greater chance of getting a school you want. If you’re accepted to more than one school, you will receive a place at your preferred school – i.e. your first choice.

  • Remember to check that all 5 schools are within your catchment area.

Secondary school places are offered on 1st March 2024.

If you apply online (via the instructions above) you will receive an email with your child’s offer on the 1st March. If you apply any other way, you will get your offer via post within a few days after the official offer day.

Application video

In-year transfers

Are you interested in applying for a place at Trinity Academy Leeds?
You’ll need to complete the LEA’s in-year Common Preference Form!

Our academy is part of the Leeds coordinated in-year application scheme. Therefore, any requests for an in-year transfer should be made online through the Leeds City Council website –

The Leeds City Council website outlines all of the information you need to apply for an in-year place, however, please do feel free to contact us with any questions.

If our academy receives multiple applications for in-year transfers, students will be selected using our oversubscription criteria that you can find listed in our Admissions Policy. We will notify all applicants of the decided outcome within fifteen school days of the in-year transfer application. If your in-year transfer was unsuccessful, we will inform you of the reasons and your rights to appeal to an independent appeal panel. All applicants will be added to a waiting list until the end of the current academic year. If you still wish to be included on our waiting list for the following year, you will need to complete another LEA’s in-year Common Preference Form.


Leeds City Council arranges our appeals and you can find the appeal form on the Leeds Government website.

You are entitled to appeal when you wish your child to attend a particular school. An appeal is successful if the panel agree that the reasons for your appeal outweigh the school’s decision not to admit any more children. All appeal hearings are held as soon as possible and no more than 30 days after the date your appeal was submitted.

If parents need more information about the online application process or have any other admission queries, the education authority can be contacted on 0113 222 4414. Alternatively, please contact Mrs Northam, PA to the Principal at Trinity Academy Leeds on 0113 483 1126 or


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