Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Lots of students get support from their school when they’re going through a tough time. Young people can speak to anyone working in school about anything that’s bothering them, whether it’s school related or something different.

Feeling distressed or unhappy from time to time is normal, however if these feelings are persistent or are causing a lot of worry for a person you are concerned about then you may need to seek professional help.

In Leeds, young people and schools have a range of services including peer support, family support and counselling that can help.

Chat Health

Chat Health is a confidential text messaging service that provides young people, aged 11-19 years, with direct access to expert healthcare advice from a 0-19 Specialist Public Health Nurse (School Nurse).

Chat Health offers support on a range of issues such as sexual health, emotional health and wellbeing such as exam anxiety or self-harming, family dynamics such as parental separation, bullying, healthy eating and general health.

This is a universal service provided by Leeds Community Healthcare NHS trust, available to all. Available Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm, excluding bank holidays.

The Chat Health number is 07520619750.
(Messages are responded to within one working day within working hours. Outside these hours, anyone sending a message to the service will receive an automated reply with advice on where to get help if their enquiry is urgent).

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