Home Academy Agreement

44The Home Academy Agreement is integral to the life of Trinity Academy Leeds. It sets out what the academy, parents/carers and the students agree together for the good of the whole academy as well as each individual within it.

The home-academy partnership is one of the most important influences on the education and personal development of our students. This agreement recognises the need for good partnership working between the home and academy, seeking to build on it.

Aims of the academy and home partnership

  • To work with our parents/carers to enable students of all abilities to make the most of their intellectual, practical and physical abilities
  • To work with our parents/carers to ensure that the students are secure and receive the highest standards of care
  • To support families in helping students to develop self-discipline, while learning to behave towards others with care, respect and good manners
  • To encourage the parents/carers of students to participate in the life of the academy, celebrating the achievements of their children and others
  • To help our parents/carers of students develop high aspirations, enabling them to progress towards a rewarding and fulfilling future
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