The Build

The Build is TAL’s bespoke character curriculum, designed to facilitate holistic development, support academic attainment, positively influence attendance, enhance literacy and numeracy skills, positively influence behaviour and morality, and expose students to a wide range of experiences. The Build encourages our students to embody our core values of  Empathy, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility whilst developing academic skills and contributing to our high aspirations and hardworking culture. 

Through engaging with The Build, our students gain cultural capital in the form of knowledge, behaviours and skills. The effects of ‘The Build’ will reach far and wide, positively impacting our community and the families of our students. Examples include, challenges to clean up the community, donate to a local foodbank and help to cook dinner. The impact is clear from the pictures provided. Our students are demonstrate our core values outside of our walls and are becoming proactive and positive citizens of our school and the local community. 

Level 1 is completed in Year 7, Level 2 in Year 8, progressing all the way up to Level 5 in Year 11. The number and content of the steps is tailored to each year-group. While Year 7 steps focus on supporting students through transition, the Year 9 steps provide opportunities for students to actively engage with the options process. Each level culminates in an award ceremony at the end of the academic year to celebrate student achievements before they move. Each challenge will help students to grow stronger in body and mind and develop positive learning habits to enhance future success. As students progress through their academic career at TAL, The Build grows with them. By Year 11, The Build will be an employability and careers tool, geared to promote success in students’ GCSEs, further and higher education, and life beyond education. 

The Build, Level 1

The Build, Level 2

The Build, Level 3

Our students completing steps

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