Expert ECT Programme

Trinity Academy Leeds is delighted to provide a world-class ‘Expert ECT programme’ that supports and nurtures our early career staff to thrive and excel in those pivotal and exciting first few years as a teacher. 

Our programme is carefully crafted to ensure that our ECT’s time is protected and delegated to only the most important things; we go deeper into our whole school expert teacher programme, not extra, as we focus on the fundamentals of what expert teaching and learning looks like in our classrooms.

Our ECTs will be introduced to a strong support network for both years; their mentor, lead coach and induction co-ordinator, all of who provide world-class support to ensure our ECTs are confident and thriving as they develop into expert teachers.

​What can our ECT’s expect from our Expert ECT programme?

A personalised handbook outlining the structure of the programme, teaching standards and top tips (including personalised timetable with protected free periods and mentor meeting slot).

Dedicated time set aside to focus on development (10% reduced timetable in the first year/5% reduced timetable in the second year). 

Weekly (biweekly for ECT2) mentor meetings which will be structured around TAL’s instructional coaching format. Half-termly ECT conferences; deeper, not extra. Once every half term our ECT lead coach will deliver an afternoon of valuable ECT CPD (off timetable) in which you will be given the opportunity to discuss the latest whole-school CPD and/or research, and take part in deliberate practice to upskill you and prepare you to take these ideas into your classroom.

Focus on the 5 core areas from the ITT year: Behaviour, assessment, curriculum, pedagogy and professional behaviour

A strong and positive feedback culture. At TAL, our instructional coaching programme encourages staff to ‘drop in’ on each other frequently to highlight teacher strengths. As an ECT you will have the chance to drop-in on staff from all faculties, take part in a termly guided learning walk with our Vice Principal for Teaching and Learning, and receive high-quality feedback from staff, including, but not limited to, your mentor and lead coach.

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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