Curriculum Overview - Phase 2

KS4 marks a step change for students in their academic studies. Having made their option choices in Year 9, students will take their first steps into GCSE subjects.

Every member of the TAL community is driven to improve every single day. This drive and a culture of excellence brings staff and students together, with a shared mission of success.

During the last three years of study students have been exploring different ideas, disciplines and opportunities. These opportunities have allowed students to build key skills, knowledge and experiences. All the hard work in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be utilised and built upon in Year 10. Staff and students will explore the links between Year 10 topics and those studied in KS3. Building on links, staff will guide students through the challenge and rigour of GCSE content.

Moving into Year 11 sees another step change, students and staff will be looking towards external examinations. In the build up to exams, subject experts will walk and talk students through key exam skills and revision strategies. Developing students’ resilience and independence, ensuring they are ready for any challenge.

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