Pastoral Care

We understand that when students feel settled and secure they will achieve more. The academy’s pastoral system – or the network of support we provide to students and parents – is a real strength and forms the basis of all that we do. Take a look at the profiles below to meet our Pastoral team!

“I am extremely excited about welcoming the class of 2022 to Trinity Academy Leeds. I look forward to occupying my new role as Head of Year where I will assume responsibility for the pastoral care and academic outcomes of our second cohort of Purple Stars. At TAL, we work diligently to support students to meet our high expectations – always warm in our manner and always doing what is best for student’s long-term wellbeing and academic success. Additionally, we work collaboratively the parents and carers of our students. It is vitally important that we establish proactive and strong relationships between school and home. ”
Mr LisgoHead of Year 7
“I am here to support you through your 5 years at TAL; to help you become outstanding members of our school and local community and to help you develop the tools you need to flourish academically. My expectations are high and unwavering. I expect you to always demonstrate our Core Values of Empathy, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility and to be on time and on task every single day. We are all responsible for making our school a welcoming and safe place and you will never see me without a smile on my face. I will always be there to lend an ear and help you overcome barriers to learning. Your attendance and behaviour are incredibly important to me, my role is to make sure you are always being the best version of you.”
Mrs O'HanlonHead of Year 8
“My name is Miss Battye and I’m delighted to be joining TAL, taking on the role of Attendance Lead. What a fantastic opportunity it is to be part of this wonderful project! I have 18 years experience in supporting young people in their journey to success. I’m very much looking forward to getting to know the team, students and their family’s. My role will ensure students can achieve their dreams by having the best attendance and being fully engaged in their education. ”
Miss BattyeAttendance Lead
“My role is to ensure every student is treated equally and receives outstanding pastoral care throughout there 5 years at TAL creating exceptional learning environments through high standards and expectations at all times”
Mr WithersStudent Liaison Officer
“The most important part of my role at TAL, is to help you become the best possible version of yourself. I have high expectations and will support you to ensure your attendance remains high, your behaviour is outstanding and the way you conduct yourself in school and the wider community is exceptional. I will work with you and your family so that you grow into a well-rounded, successful individual, who reaches their full potential.”
Mr TravisStudent Liaison Officer
“As your SLO I will be closely monitoring your attendance, behaviour and conduct around the academy. I am here to ensure all students are on time and on task each day and embodying our core values. My role involves supporting both students and families to ensure that we can work in partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes that will facilitate future success. reach higher, see further, shine brighter”
Mr O'HanlonStudent Liaison Officer
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