Summer School Report

We were delighted to be able to hold an incredible Summer School for 210 of our founding students in the summer holidays. Our students had a fantastic four days, experiencing a range of academic subjects, gaining new knowledge, and listening to inspiring assemblies. Our students also took part in a range of team building and sporting activities and enjoyed exploring the Performing Arts. We used our funding to hire a fantastic venue as our new school was still under construction, provide a goody bag of transition materials for each child, give each child a motivational novel and some workbooks to help them to catch up over the summer. There may have been an ice cream or two also! Thank you to all students who took part in this memorable event!

Financial Summary

Total pupils attended 210
Total Funding £22,760.92 
Funds spent on Staffing £14,517.64
Funds spent on Resources £8,243.28

Summer School Images

Trinity Scholars

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