Our Bookletised curriculum

Our curriculum ensures all learners acquire powerful knowledge, enabling them to find their voice and lead successful, productive, happy lives. Nothing is left to chance; every decision is deliberate and every action intentioned. TAL staff teach students how to learn, demystifying the process and making success inevitable.

Our curriculum is bookletised to ensure all resources are of the highest quality and to allow teachers to focus on pedagogy, whilst minimising workload. These booklets are crafted in house by our subject experts, supported by our MAT colleagues. As everything we do at TAL, our booklet design is evidence informed, adapted from Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction. Our expert teacher programme ensures that all TAL teachers have a confident understanding of cognitive science and how this informs our approach to teaching and learning. Students are explicitly taught the learning process to help them develop their schema and become expert learners.

Our booklets are refined and adapted each term to ensure they meet the needs of all learners, allowing for agile, responsive teaching.

How we learn at TAL

Activating prior knowledge
Remember what you already know about a topic before you start to learn something new, to help build connections in your long-term memory.

Retrieval Practice
Quizzing, recall and memory activities to slow down the rate of forgetting.

New knowledge
Learn something new through reading, teacher explanation, diagrams, listening to or watching something.

Processing knowledge
Do something with your new knowledge to help you understand it better.

Guided practice
Work collaboratively with your teacher as you strengthen new skills.

Independent practice
Using your knowledge and understanding to complete a piece of quality work independently.

Reflect and respond
Thinking about what you have learned, what went well and what you could improve next time.

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