Re-Build Sessions and Centre

At Trinity Academy Leeds, we believe that all students can behave to a high standard, however we also recognise that students continuously need guidance to support them with their conduct. Like other areas of the curriculum, we explicitly teach students the secrets in order to be successful and feel that working with students on improving their conduct is a valuable part of their education. At TAL, the development of student character and the way they conduct themselves in and outside the academy is central to our mission. At the end of each day, we run our conduct curriculum lessons which are led by an experienced team of pastoral workers.

The Re-Build behaviour practice sessions

Our Re-Build behaviour practice sessions have been created in a similar format to the lessons that students participate in throughout the day as part of their core curriculum. The session begins with a recall 6 and is underpinned by Rosenshine’s principals of instruction. Each session focuses on 4 key areas that have been pieced together to reflect the needs of the students within each session.

The sessions are heavily influenced by James Clear’s ‘Atomic Habits’ book and gives students a greater understanding of the Psychology and Human Physiology behind human behaviour and forming habits. We discuss the impact hormones have on human behaviour and the impact poor attendance can have on various facets of the student’s life. The sessions give students practical tips on how to improve in and outside of school and also supports them to understand the bigger picture, that we are preparing them for life after TAL. The resources have also been created to give students a clear understanding of why we have certain rules and routines at TAL so they can take a greater ownership and self-regulate their own behaviour.

At the end of each session, students have an opportunity to reflect on what they have learnt and also the reason for why they have been issued with the sanction. Students fill in a Re-Build card that staff have the opportunity to read. This forms the basis of a restorative conversation with staff and students.

The Re-Build Centre

Our Re-Build Centre is staffed by trauma informed pastoral experts who work closely with students to improve their behaviour.

All desktops and laptops at TAL have access to Microsoft Teams. Each Team has the facility to drop resources and set up links for live lessons. When students are timetabled to have Maths, English, Science, Humanities, Art and Spanish, they participate in a live lesson. Students are sent a link to the lesson and complete all tasks including the booklet with a member of the Re-Build team alongside them. The booklet is then returned to the teacher to give the student feedback.

Our SENDco timetables a mental health first aid input for students working within the Re-Build Centre. At a point in the day, each student in the centre receives an input to check on their wellbeing. All concerns are relayed back to parents and where we feel a student would benefit from a dedicated weekly input, they are added to the Strong Foundations Programme.

When students are timetabled in practical subjects, they undertake a range of different activities in the Re-Build Centre. We have a range of literacy and numeracy resources to support students to develop. We have chosen texts and created booklets that explore areas of the PSHE curriculum and develop students’ emotional literacy. Students complete tasks that are linked to our core values and explore booklets that present students with scenario-based questions.


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