At Trinity Academy Leeds, we have a minimum expectation about the accuracy of written work.

All students will be taught ‘The 3 Every’s’ and will be repeatedly reminded of them through questioning and choral chanting:

Mr Hale: Tell me, what are ‘The 3 Every’s’?

Mr Hale: Every sentence must begin with a………………..

Students chorally chant: Capital Letter.

Mr Hale: Every sentence must end with a…………………

Students chorally chant: Full stop.

Mr Hale: Every sentence is a…………………………

Students chorally chant: Point.

Students should also check for The 3 Every’s in all work, every time that they write.


Marking for Literacy and Spelling

Staff use the TAL Literacy marking code to ensure accuracy of written work, with a focus on:

  • correcting high frequency spelling errors
  • ensuring ‘The 3 Every’s’ are being used.



At TAL, our specialism is Voice. To ensure that every student uses their voice in a powerful way, in all lessons, we use the following strategies based on our Academic Vocabulary Loop:

When teaching Tier 2 vocabulary, teachers use I Say, You Say to practise pronunciation and oral fluency, before defining the key word.

Students use the key word in a full sentence, and we use a structured pair-talk model of Turn and Talk, to rehearse their sentence before writing on mini-whiteboards.

Students are expected to always answer questions in full sentences both in written work and orally – at all times.


Habits of Discussion

Teachers use Habits of Discussion to develop whole class talk and extend student talk in debates.

We know the art of debate and discussion is vital to the success of our students in higher education and the world of work, so we regularly offer opportunities for extended student talk, expertly guided by their class teacher.

Our A-B-C approach allows students to:

  • show agreement, adding further support to others’ ideas
  • building upon talking points or arguments to consolidate thought
  • respectfully challenge others’ views in debate and discussion.


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