TAL Library

Our long-awaited library opened its doors to our founding cohort of Year 7 students in January 2022. With almost 3,000 titles available, the students can browse and read fiction and non-fiction books covering a wide range of topics, featuring diverse characters and exploring a variety of issues that interest young people.

The library is open every lunchtime! Students can loan and return books or use the space to immerse themselves in a quiet reading experience. Each student, as part of their English lessons, has taken part in the library induction and has been introduced to Reading Cloud – the official library system where they can browse books online, read and write book reviews and find out about their favourite novels and authors.

DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)

We want to spark and foster a lifelong love of reading in every single TAL student. Every day during tutor time, the teacher reads aloud a section of a captivating book. The students’ listening skills and reading fluency improve, vocabulary flourishes, and their imagination can run wild, especially when a chapter ends with a cliffhanger!

We love this image of our Year 7 students listening to the final chapter of Kick by Mitch Johnson

Home Learning (Reading Log)

We encourage our students to read as often as possible and advise them to spend 30 minutes every day reading a fascinating book. They can read anything, from a graphic novel, an edge-of-your-seat mystery or a biography of a groundbreaking innovator.

We encourage our students to read for at least 30 minutes a day.

Academic Vocabulary

Our students are exposed to high-level academic texts in every single subject. We ensure that academic words and phrases are explicitly taught so that students are equipped with the skill to use them confidently in a variety of contexts. As part of the process, the learners listen to the teacher modelling the correct use of a word before engaging in a short discussion with a partner and producing a short written response.

Explicit vocabulary teaching is an integral part of every lesson.

Reading Lessons

Reading lessons are pivotal in developing and honing the students’ reading skills. During the sessions, a variety of texts written by a diverse range of authors are introduced. The students have opportunities to engage in discussion, reflect upon and deepen their knowledge of thought-provoking topics, and study new vocabulary.

Author Visits

We have had the privilege of hosting Mitch Johnson, the author of Kick (the first book we read during DEAR time). The students took part in an inspiring assembly and were able to chat with the novelist asking him about forthcoming titles and the secrets to writing an award-winning book. We plan to organise regular author visits and reading workshops to further develop our students’ appreciation of reading for pleasure.

We have had the privilege of hosting Mitch Johnson, the author of Kick.

Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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