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It’s been incredible to see our Leeds school become a reality so quickly. All of our students now have access to a state of the art building and brand new facilities. Take a look at the videos below to view our exciting journey so far.

The TAL Build Journey - Video

Take a look at this video that shows the entire journey from concept to concrete of our TAL build!

September - WE'RE OPEN!

We are incredibly excited to announce that TAL is officially OPEN! We had a fabulous day meeting our founding cohort & showing them around their brand NEW academy.  

September - We are Ready!

Our academy is finally ready to welcome our founding cohort. The classrooms are set up and we can’t wait to start this incredible journey on September 6!

September - Team Celebrations

Days before we officially welcome our founding cohort into our brand new building.

September - Nearly There

Our academy is so close to being ready! We can’t wait to welcome our founding cohort and start this incredible journey.

September - Bleacher Seating

Our bleacher seating is in!  Not long to wait until our wonderful founding cohort fill up this space

August - 3G Pitch

We are extremely excited that our 3G pitch has been laid and we can’t wait to see our fabulous founding cohort enjoying this space in September.

July - Drone Footage

Check out this drone footage that shows off our new purple walls and much more.

July - Purple Walls

We officially have purple walls! The last touches make all the difference… Not long to go now.

June - Drone Footage

Take a peek INSIDE the building & get a glimpse at our purple walls.

June - VIP Tour

Our latest Science competition winners were treated to a VIP tour of their future school! We had an incredible day showing them around our new state-of-the-art building & gifting them their very own named high vis vests.

June - 3G Pitch

Our 3G pitch is coming along nicely!  It won’t be long before our fabulous founding members are using this incredible new facility.

May - Inside the Building

We’ve made huge progress on the inside of our new school. We love the image of our Principal taking a look.

May - Roof

Incredible rooftop views from our Leeds school building. We absolutely love the image of our Principal, Kat Cafferky, enjoying the view.

April - Drone Footage

Take a 360-degree tour around our building site and get a peek at all the progress we’ve been making.

April - Windows

We officially have windows! Our TAL team took a visit to our building site and got to take a look at the views our new school has to offer.

March - Drone Footage

Check out the incredible progress we’re making on our building site. We are getting so excited to start adding some TAL colours and seeing it all come together. 

February - Building Site Update

Take a look at our latest drone footage. We love that you can see some of our TAL dream team working hard to get this project completed

February - CEO & Governors Tour!

Last week, our Principal took our Governors & MAT CEO, Michael Gosling, on a tour around our new school. We had a great day showing everyone our plans for the interior of the building.

February - We Have Walls!

This was an incredible moment as we watched our NEW secondary school building come to life. A HUGE thank you to our building team who have worked in the rain & snow to keep this project moving so quickly.

February - TAL Team Climbing the Stairs

We absolutely love these pictures of our TAL team touring our building site. Everyone was incredibly excited to climb the stairs as we considered the decoration and detail of our NEW school… 3 floors of possibility!

January - Roof

We love this picture of the sun shining down on our building site. We are so excited for September 2021!

January - First Bit of Roof

Take a look at this drone footage from the end of January! You can now see the first bit of roof… exciting.

January - It's All in the Details

We’ve been busy focusing on some of the interior design details of our NEW school! Check out the chair colours that we picked out earlier this week. They’re sure to give each classroom a much-needed pop of TAL colour.

December - More of the Frame Is Up

Check out the progress we’re making on our NEW school site with this drone footage! Even more of the frame is up and the overall outline of the school is far more visible. 

November - Signing the Frame

What a great moment! We love this picture of our Principal and Vice Principal signing the frame of our NEW Leeds school to commemorate the first big step in our build. Our motto will forever be within the foundation of our school.

November - The Steel Frame Is Up

We’re incredibly excited to see the frame of our new school. We can’t wait to open our doors in 2021 & meet our incredible founding cohort of Year 7 students!

November - A BIG Thanks to Our Team!

We’d just like to give a HUGE shout-out to the brilliant builders who are working to get our school ready for 2021. They’ve made us all smile each time we visit the site & are a brilliant part of our TAL team!

October - The Outline of Our School Is Now Visible

We are so pleased to share that the outline of our Leeds school is now visible! We’ve also had some great discussions about our all-weather 3G pitch & the exterior of the building.

September - Building Has Started

Construction work on our building site is now in full force! We love the picture of our Principal, Kat Cafferky, holding the boots that site team gifted to her, how lovely! She’ll be dressed to impress next time she visits.

Drone Footage

Check out this incredible drone footage from our building site & get a peek at how much progress we’re making!

Architect’s Impressions

Take a look at these architect’s impressions of the school site and buildings to give you an idea on how Trinity Academy Leeds will look when complete.

Aerial view of the main school building

Aerial view of the site

Entrance walk

Approach to the building

Entrance viewed from the car park

Approaching the entrance

Courtyard area

Green spaces surrounding the school

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